Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

It was impossible for her to keep up with her schooling while trying to make practice with the professional speed skating coaches in Calgary. So she decided to let her dad do Puma Basket Heart White Infant

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

´╗┐Marsha Hudey chases perfect race

the coaching.

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

The stress was always on practice for Marsha, with Brad pushing good mechanics and work ethic. She skated all the way through high school, seeing success at the competitions she did attend. When she graduated from high school, she decided to move to Calgary, but she kept on skating.

"I think physically and mentally, she's prepared. We're looking for her best performance and I think we have a good chance at that," he said, adding that he's helped Marsha develop mental anchors that keep her focused on why she wants to compete.

In December, Marsha competed at the Olympic trials and won a spot on the team. A ceremony was held in January to officially nominate her and the rest of Canada's speed skating team. It was a moment Brad will never forget.

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

"It was a formalization of something that you've informally done already.

"You think back to the road. It's a stopping place. It kind of stops you in your tracks a little bit. All of a sudden, there's the Olympics team, she's putting the jacket on and she's up there with a group of people and they're going to the Olympics. So it does make you stop, look back and say, 'That was the road that we Puma Basket Heart Youth

"She was always a good competitor," Brad said. "She never complained about practicing. We didn't do a lot of competing when the kids were growing up because it's time consuming and you're travelling a little bit."

It wasn't outright skill that got White City's Marsha Hudey to her first ever Olympics. Her dad likes to think it was a lot of hard work and the ability to chase a dream.

"Marsha's a different sort of kid," said Brad. "I don't know if you could ask just any kid to remain that focused. But she's done that. She skates on her own every day. We communicate with e mail and phone calls and she sends me data from ever practice every dayShe's a very focused person."

The move has proved to be fruitful however. Brad has taken his knowledge of speed skating and combined it with the studying he's done of other sports. He's come up with a training regiment that sets up very specific goals for Marsha. Each month has a different time target on the ice or a different amount of weight she has to lift off of it.

"Speed skating is a life long thing. It's an individual sport. Teams sports, kids grow up and when the team falls away, their careers kind of finished," said Brad. "With skating, you can skate forever."

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

Brad Hudey was a speed skater himself and has studied the sport all of his life. It was something that taught him a lot of important life lessons. So when Marsha turned four, he started taking her to the outdoor oval at Mount Pleasant in Regina.

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

and ready to perform in what will be the race of a lifetime.

travelled.' And it's a really special time."

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

Marsha was an Olympian before she competed on the 28th of December and made that team. You don't become an Olympian by a twinkling of an eye. Olympians are made when people make decisions and start moving towards those goals," he said. "And even though you know it, you believe it and you've worked hard to do it, it's still a little bit like a dream."

Now both Brad and Marsha are in Sochi. Brad expects she'll need to have a lap time of about 0.37 seconds if she wants to medal. Her last race was about 0.38.24 seconds. In the speed skating world, one and a half seconds is a long ways away. But he says they are both working hard to keep her relaxed Puma Fenty Creepers Red

"It's been for convenience financially and for convenience of ordering her training schedule," said Brad.

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

It's meant a lot of trips to and from Calgary for Brad. But the hard work from both of them has paid off. This year she made Canada's World Cup team, and Brad Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers thought his work as a coach was finished. But the successes she'd had caused the international coaches to ask Brad to continue his training regiment.

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

But the move to Calgary proved to be a challenge. She's lived there for six years, gaining a diploma as a physiotherapist's assistant. She's now on the cusp of graduating with a degree in community rehabilitation. Anyone that's ever taken post secondary school understands how time consuming it can be.

Mens Puma Basket Classic Canvas Trainers

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