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He was a little unlucky to lose that first one but that's Vegas. And since then Bradley has really done well and proved himself to be a top class fighter.

You rarely meet anyone who has anything bad to say about Pacquiao, although the one thing they will always wonder is just why that fight with you know who never happened. And never will.

It was always going to take something to get back to where he was and give Manny credit because that win over Brandon Rios Puma Basket Black Gum has got him back and into a rematch with Bradley.

Puma Basket Black Gum

Puma Basket Black Gum

Well, the one thing in boxing is that nobody is invincible. I just think that he and his camp got a little high and mighty, he was getting too involved in politics while still fighting, doing too much showbiz stuff, just too many other things.

Even without Mayweather on his record Pacquiao has huge fights against the very best: the Juan Maneul Marquez trilogy, Marco Antonio Barrera (twice), Oscar de la Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, our own Ricky Hatton. he has taken Puma Ignite Basketball

Puma Basket Black Gum

Puma Basket Black Gum

on the biggest names in the game and come through.

Puma Basket Black Gum

It was postponed and that was what I thought would happen, the slanging match, the build up growing and growing and it turning into a mega, mega fight.

I remember when it was immediately made back in the day then all of a sudden, everyone realised Mayweather Pacquiao was just too big to do so quickly and needed time to build it up.

Puma Basket Black Gum

Before that happened I think he and indeed the rest of us was getting into the idea that he was the best thing since sliced bread and invincible.

Puma Basket Black Gum

Yes, politics always get in the way of these things but one thing Mayweather does is pick the perfect time to take on his opponents, when he can play with them, wind them up and win.

There is always something positive to take out of it and what Manny got from it was a big, big lesson.

PeakIt just didn't happen and as sad as it was and maybe still is boxing has often been robbed of the match ups it wanted to see.

´╗┐Manny Pacquiao has been fantastic but Timothy Bradley might be too good

Or it only will when Floyd Mayweather decides and with Marcos Maidana next and possibly Amir Khan after that, will Pacquiao be around for his slot?

You rarely meet anyone who has anything bad to say about Pacquiao, although the one thing they will always wonder is just why that fight with you know who never happened. It wasn't the result that was the issue, it was the way it happened because no one expected him to be floored like that.

and on. And it is not the first time this has crossed my mind.

Puma Basket Black Gum

The greatest fighters are the ones you think will be smart enough to get out when the time is right, but they don't, they hang on Puma Basket Vs Suede

Puma Basket Black Gum

PostponedAnd when you are up at the very top level where Pacquiao belongs, you can't do Puma Basket White Heart

Puma Basket Black Gum

all that. The last thing you want to do is take your eye off the ball.

But I thought that all of a sudden it dawned on Floyd that Pacquiao was at the peak of his powers and his strength, was going great guns and could well have been too good.

Puma Basket Black Gum

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