Puma Basket Heart Junior

Puma Basket Heart Junior

Puma Basket Heart Junior

Puma Basket Heart Junior

But six months without a fight to build on that stunning performance has left the Fingerpost fighter feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Puma Basket Heart Junior

been given the opportunities he has earned on the back of his challenge to Martinez and Felix Sturm before that.

Puma Basket Heart Junior

"The WBA have ordered me and Golovkin and I know he wants the fight but apart from him I have been given a wide berth by everyone Puma Basket Heart Junior else.

He did, however, reveal that a clash with IBO and WBA title holder Gennady Golovkin could be on the horizon.

"But other opponents promoters seem to be giving me a wide berth since the Martinez fight.

´╗┐Martin Murray keeps focused on World title dream after frustrating six months From St Helens Star

"All I can do is crack on and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Puma Basket Heart Junior

Puma Basket Heart Junior

LAST spring the stock of St Helens middleweight Martin Murray was sky high after he rocked WBC champion Sergio Martinez in his own Argentine back yard with only some harsh judging controversially denying him the belt.

Puma Basket Heart Junior

Instead of being given the big fight he craves on home soil or another juicy one against one of the champions he is being sent 12,000 miles to defend his interim WBA belt against Australian bruiser Garth Wood.

And to add to Murray's frustration, even that bout has been shrouded in uncertainty.

of becoming the world champion and refuses to let the setbacks he has faced again over the summer derail him.

But aside from him, the other belt holders are avoiding him like the plague.

Murray said: "It was on, it was off and now they are saying it is back on.

He has raised the issue with his promoter, but the only fight he has been offered is the one against Garth Wood which he had to take or face being stripped of his title and consequently his ranking for future fights.

Puma Basket Heart Junior

"I am at that stage now where I don't know what to believe.

Puma Basket Heart Junior

"I hope that is the case because it has never been as bad as this."

the bout against Wood is a "lose lose" he is trying hard to channel his frustrations of the last six months into the gym.

Frustrated as he is with what has gone on, Murray still has a dream Puma Ignite Evoknit Olive Forest

The big hitting Kazakh fighter is fighting American Curtis Stevens in the glamorous settings of Madison Square Gardens, New York in early November.

Although he accepts that Puma Ignite Sneakers

"After Martinez, I was told I was fighting in September, then November and now December so I don't know."

Problems obtaining a visa for the USA have not helped his cause, but Murray has not Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

Puma Basket Heart Junior

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