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a different city, in the United States for example, want to sell you a $30,000 vehicle for $20,000? Plainly and simply, they wouldn't. It's that easy. Therefore, it must be easy to avoid getting on that dream car you found down in Texas, right?

´╗┐March is Fraud Awareness Month

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RCMP Regina Commercial Crime Section

FCAA contact person:

Puma Basket White Outfit

The Commercial Crime Section with RCMP "F" Division, Regina Police Service, Saskatoon Police Service, and the Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission have joined forces to promote March as Fraud Awareness Month to Saskatchewan residents and consumers.

Puma Basket White Outfit

Cpl. Janie Perreault

Over the course of the month, we will focus on five fraudulent activities that have increased in occurrence and visibility to better educate the public and help prevent these types of fraudulent activities from reoccurring so our consumers and residents don't become victims.

Ed Rodonets

For a number of years now Canada has been in a time of low interest rates within the financial markets. These low rates of return not only apply to savings and borrowing but also to investments. In the majority of these complaints, unscrupulous individuals convinced investors that the risk associated to the higher return products was minimal if not nonexistent.

Puma Basket White Outfit

Puma Basket White Outfit

Since using a computer has almost become a necessity for the average Canadian, it is impossible to be completely protected against these issues. However, certain steps can be taken to lower your risk. The main one is to avoid advertisements on adult websites. Most Ransomware is located on these sites. The idea behind this is to play on the fact that people who go to these sites usually want to keep it private. Also, never pay someone over the Internet if you don know who they are and if you unsure about the need to pay a fine, call the originating agency to clarify. Please do not use the number the suspicious page provides get the correct number from the phone book or 411. If you think your computer has been compromised, you may want to have a professional computer technician look at it.

Is the rate of return realistic? If everyone else is offering 3% why is this person able to offer 9 or 12 or in some cases 25%?

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Why would someone you don't know, who lives in Puma Platform Fenty

NOW! Very often the offer carries a warning of urgency and this opportunity is only available for a very short time. This convincing argument often results in investors leaping at the offer being presented without fully investigating the investment and the salesperson. More times than not, this action will end with your entire retirement fund lost, and as stated by a victim of one of these scams, thought I was set for a very comfortable retirement, I lost so much money that now I have gone from caviar to cat food The FCAA reminds investors to consider the following when making any investment decision:

Is this salesperson registered to sell investments in Saskatchewan and is this investment qualified to be sold in the province. Call the FCAA to check. Go on the internet to see if there are previous problems with the company or person selling. Remember just because there is a website does not make the investment or the offering legitimate. Many scams have very professional looking websites create to mislead investors.

Get as much written information about the investment as you can and be sure that you take the time you need to understand what you are getting into. Ask questions if the information is unclear, and get opinions from persons who are independent from the person trying to sell you the investment such as your professional advisor, banker, accountant, lawyer, trusted friend or family member.

Picture yourself at your computer, innocently conducting your personal business when your screen displays a logo of your local police force and advises you that your computer has been used for an illegal purpose. At this point, your computer is locked and you no longer have access to any programs. Don panic, there is a simple solution, as soon as you pay your fine you will be able to access your computer again. Should you pay your fine?

FCAA is concerned that individuals who are planning on retiring, retired, or are dependant on fixed income investments may be tempted to move away from slower growing safe investments to alternative investments without understanding the risks and dangers. All investments carry a degree of risk and the level of that risk is normally related to the expected return. Higher yields generally carry a higher risk; lower risks equate to lower returns.

Deputy Director, Enforcement Branch.

It surprising how many people pay the fine. What is perhaps more surprising is the fact that some people, being well aware that the above scenario is a scam, still pay the fine hoping to gain access to their computer programs again, which is unfortunately not the case. It astonishing that although the percentage of people who pay the fine is estimated at only approximately 2.9% of those who are targeted by this scam, the scammers are profiting at least $5 million dollars a year.

2009. Canada and the USA started seeing this in the third quarter of 2012. It is a Puma Basket White Outfit type of crime which is growing exponentially due to its high profitability. Because of the high profitability, various organized crime groups are hiring programmers to develop increasingly complicated malicious software. Since all the groups work independently and create their own software, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect the public as it is nearly impossible to know what variation will hit the public next.

Buying a Vehicle On line

This type of scam is called Ransomware. It has evolved from the Microsoft anti virus scam and was first detected in Russia in Puma Ignite Review

Puma Basket White Outfit

A very common sales pitch being given to pending retirement aged investors is that; clock is winding down on the time for you to build up your retirement funds, and at the presently low interest rates, you will fall short of money to retire on. To ensure that you will be able to live a comfortable retirement, you need to make more money Puma Ignite Limitless

Puma Basket White Outfit

Puma Basket White Outfit

Puma Basket White Outfit

Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay

There are different ways for the culprit to get onto your computer, but the most common one is referred to as drive by downloads. This is as simple as visiting a site which has been compromised and the software is automatically installed on your computer without your knowledge. Voila, your computer is now held ransom and you made to believe you owe a fine.

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