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Asked why he was present at the special meeting on Dec. 18, Grandinetti said he thought he had not missed both meetings.

Richards, of Waters Environmental Geosciences, replied that in professional opinion the aquifer can support 91 wells the presence of levels of uranium, he said those were present in the first water samples, but had dropped to acceptable levels in subsequent samples. He also noted that future homeowners choose to install point of use water treatment systems at Puma Basket Heart Very

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Puma Fenty Creepers Grey Velvet

Puma Fenty Creepers Grey Velvet

According to those minutes, besides the five Board members, some local media were present, and the developer Jeff Avery, his legal representative Orlando Rosa, and Peter Richards of Waters Environmental Geosciences Puma Fenty Creepers Grey Velvet Ltd., the consultant hired by Avery who had submitted an and Well Yield Analysis report to the SSMRCA in early Nov. 2012. Amin expressed concerns at the meeting because the study was based on three test wells, situated in the northern portion of the property furthest from existing wells and outside the wetland. They concluded there were not enough data to support a conclusion that there would be a supply of potable water for the 91 individual residences.

Manzo accused then board chair Ken Lamming (reeve of Prince Township); Ozzie Grandinetti (former Ward 6 councillor); and Brian Watkins, (Ward 3 councillor) of in bringing two resolutions before the Board at the special meeting called by Lamming. Susan Myers; and then Ward 3 Coun. Bryan Hayes, voted against Puma Basket Heart Sneakers In Patent Black

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their own discretion. on behalf of his client, questioned, credibility of SSMRCA staff, in particular the credentials of the water resources engineer.

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approval. Lamming and Grandinetti had voted for approval.

On Monday afternoon this week, Grandinetti denied Manzo accusation that he was in a conflict of interest. He said that he has always supported development and business, and his track record as a councillor was consistent with those goals.

That decision was reversed on Dec. Lamming, Grandinetti, and Watkins, voted in favour of both resolutions. Manzo and Bruni voted against both resolutions. 25, 2012 prepared by Waters Environmental Geo Sciences Ltd. and supported by a analysis from Golder Associates dated Dec. 11, 2012, both experts in their area, that had positively addressed some of the earlier concerns.

Frank Manzo, longtime Ward 6 city councillor and a longstanding member of the Sault Ste. 13, 2012 to approve a 91 lot estate subdivision at Pointe aux Pins.

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´╗┐Manzo consistently against Avery subdivision

do not work for, or against the Applicant, nor do they Puma Basket Heart Satin Bow

Watkins said the developer, his legal counsel and the consultant should not face another delay, and said the matter should be now went on to say ha[d] visited the site and that the development would be a of the area for the developer and the existing residents. added the comment that wetland was designated as a wetland after the original idea of the development came about, and furthermore, the previous excavation for the Alagash canal may have caused the area to become a wetland.

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But Lamming added, will give you a statement after it done. acknowledging he was a distant cousin of Avery, Lamming strongly denied Manzo suggestion that he was in a conflict of interest. (Manzo) doesn know what he is talking about, Lamming said. to the Municipal Act, I am not against the code of conduct. There was no conflict of interest. Manzo is going to be charged for opening his mouth because he is talking about a closed session meeting. That is all I am going to say. pointed out also that the development property was not designated as a wetland by the Ontario government, and that his vote had never changed.

work for, or against those who may be in opposition to the development, she is recorded saying.

Jeff Avery stated that he had done everything possible and saw no need to postpone for another month.

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At that point, Bruni, requested for the second time during the meeting that a decision be deferred as he was of the opinion, there are still unanswered questions. said that nothing further could be gained by a delay since his client had complied with the SSMRCA requirement for an hydrological study.

The Dec.

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Grandinetti said he too was opposed to any further delay.

Puma Fenty Creepers Grey Velvet

Staff members were also concerned that levels of dissolved uranium in the water samples were at or above the provincial limit, and that the report did not assess the potential impact of septic systems on existing or future wells.

Resolution 104 stated: that the Sault Ste. Patricia Avery, (17046040 Ontario Ltd.) under Regulation 176/06 for a proposed 91 lot residential subdivision (to be known as Pointe Estates) to be located on (and in the vicinity of) vacant properties at civic 179 and 227 Pointe Aux Pins Drive. and Watkins both declined to discuss the Dec. 13, 2012 meeting while there is a legal review of the decision before the courts.

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