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area finest pediatricians and family practitioners, ensuring continuity of quality care Puma Creepers White Sole

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´╗┐maternity and family birth center and boulder community hospital

Our birthing rooms are designed to make you as comfortable as possible. Each has a rocking chair, comfortable sleeper sofa, and DVD player. If you want a soothing bath during labor, you be able to relax in your private Jacuzzi.

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examination in their specialty.

Our Family Birth Center is the most medically progressive maternity center in the Rocky Mountain region. This state of the art facility is located at the Boulder Community Foothills Hospital at Arapahoe and 48th Street, just east of Foothills Parkway.

Nurse Midwives are nurses with advanced training in midwifery that allows them to provide a range of clinical services for expectant mothers. They care for women during pregnancy, collaboratively with obstetricians, who are available for consultation and referral if necessary.

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Easy Transitions for You and Puma Heart Basket White Baby

Our services also include guidance on managing medical complications of pregnancy such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Obstetricians specialize in the care of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the recuperative period following delivery (postpartum). They can also treat infertility and provide medical and surgical treatment for problems with a woman reproductive organs.

About the Family Birth Center

Obstetricians and nurse midwives can earn board certification, which means they have completed specialized training after medical or nursing school and passed a comprehensive Puma Men's Basket Classic Canvas

The vast majority of mothers have healthy pregnancies that progress without problems. However, you cannot predict what your pregnancy or delivery will be like. If you or your baby should need specialized care, it will be readily available at the Family Birth Center.

The Choice Is Yours

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Puma Heart Basket White

At the Family Birth Center, we have two distinct types of medical practitioners on staff obstetricians and nurse midwives. The training of each specialty is different, so it important to carefully consider how each choice meshes with your needs.

Your Safety Is Our First Concern

We have specialized emergency medical equipment in every labor and delivery room, as well as two surgical suites on the unit if you require a Cesarean section. featuring quiet private suites with one room for the infant and an adjoining room for family members. This means parents can be near their infant 24 hours a day. Giving each premature or ill newborn his own private room allows us to provide care that is developmentally appropriate for each baby. To schedule an appointment, call (303) 440 2170.

for your newborn.

and nurse midwives page.

Our lactation nurses provide both inpatient and outpatient services, and many of your breastfeeding supplies may be purchased through our Lactation Services Department.

Family Birth Center

You be cared for by a team of talented and experienced doctors and nurses who are committed to providing you the birthing experience you dreamed of.

We believe the birth of a baby is a family affair, so we make it easy for your family to share this extraordinary time. You can choose to have your partner, family members, or friends with you during the birthing process.

The Area Top Maternity Obstetricians and Nurse Midwives

A Great Birth Experience

By delivering at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, you have access to the Puma Creepers Price Sportscene

For more information on medical practitioners delivering at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, visit our Obstetricians

We earned a sterling reputation for the personalized and supportive care provided by our nurses.

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