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That tough as granite will, with a soft spoken, Puma Heart Patent Sneakers

He served in the Army for four years and then worked as a mail carrier, all the while competing in foot, bike and adventure races around the world. But he always felt that he wanted to use his physical abilities for something outside himself.

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Puma Ignite Dual Camo Red

really inspiring. He's worked through such adversity. He was always told as a child that he'd never be able to run and now he's an ultra marathoner," said Coral Darby, of Asheville, Ehredt's publicist and friend.

Every flag was inscribed with the name, rank, age and hometown of fallen soldiers. At each flag placement he stopped to salute, and to record the GPS location, documenting it on a website so that families would know where they were placed.

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A runner epic lifeEven though Ehredt had childhood health issues, he biked, paddled and ran anyway. His first marathon was in 1980. He became so Puma Basket White Junior

Cellular Center, 87 Haywood St. Running and health and fitness related vendors, exhibitors and speakers. Free.

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Noon: Greg Duff, race director. Mike Ehredt. Dr. Brian Asbill, Asheville Cardiology Associates. "Cardiac Arrest and Marathons."Mike Ehredt spent an "enjoyable" day recently in the stunningly scenic Wasatch Mountain Range high above Salt Lake City. Actually, it was more than a day it was 29 hours. Army veteran and retired postal worker who will compete Saturday in the inaugural Asheville Citizen Times City Marathon, was racing in the infamous Wasatch Front 100 Puma Ignite Dual Camo Red Mile Endurance Run on Sept. 6 7.

"I wanted to create an invisible wall across the country of flags with names of service members, nothing political," Ehredt said. "I wanted to say thank you. I served 30 years ago and I felt my job wasn't done."

enamored of the sport he went on to endurance running, competing in not only marathons, but ultra marathons such as the Wasatch 100 races longer than a marathon.

But Ehredt's talk will be more about motivation than running mechanics.

In 2010, Ehredt founded Project America Run to honor fallen American soldiers from the war in Iraq.

zen like edge and spirit of thankfulness, is what has carried Ehredt through so many challenges in life and what he will bring to runners preparing for the 26.2 mile City Marathon. Cellular Center, where runners must come to pick up their race bibs. The Expo, free to the public, will also have running and health related vendors and exhibitors, and other speakers, including physical therapists and doctors.

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´╗┐Marathon running to honor the ultimate sacrifice

Puma Ignite Dual Camo Red

Puma Ignite Dual Camo Red

The idea was to plant an American flag every mile for every fallen service member, with no political agenda or statement of protest. Beginning in May 2010, Ehredt started out with running shoes and a baby jogger that held his supplies, and ran from the Pacific Coast in Astoria, Ore., ending in October in Rockland, Maine.

Asheville Citizen Times City Marathon and Half Marathon. Saturday on Woodfin Street downtown. Entry fees are $90 for the half marathon and $120 for the full marathon at the Expo.

"They have a 36 hour cutoff, so you have to keep moving. I had a personal goal to go faster than I did five years ago. If you don't adapt then you won't survive," Ehredt said. "Out of 312 starters, 107 dropped out. Surprisingly I felt at 100 miles the same way I felt at 10. Sometimes you know the switch is on or the switch is off. I could tell the switch was off that day. But it was enjoyable."

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He ran 4,424 miles, averaging 30 miles more than a marathon a day, with four rest days. When possible, he stayed with families of service members.

Puma Ignite Dual Camo Red

Puma Ignite Dual Camo Red

The point to point trail race has a cumulative elevation gain of 26,454 feet. Ehredt, 52, of Hope, Idaho, was hoping to beat his time from 2008 of 28 hours. But the 90 degree heat was not cooperative. At elevations above 9,000 feet, the day was unusually warm.

"He's Puma Ignite Limitless Extreme Pack

"They told me their biggest fear was that their loved ones would be forgotten," he said.

"If you need an extra dose of inspiration and motivation for Saturday, Mike will deliver. I think what he's done is just as inspiring as Diana Nyad."

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