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"They've experienced it already and are really established players in the Championship so much so, their class Puma Ignite Evoknit All White

"We've got a lot of players who have already played in the Championship," added Robson. "A lot of our players are Premier League players, without a shadow of a doubt. But a lot of them have already been in this situation before, so they know what's going to be asked of them.

And having a group of players immersed in that goal will be just as vital.

There won't be any Puma Ignite High Tops chance of a Premier League hangover at Norwich City while Mark Robson is around.

Puma Ignite High Tops

One player's future up for discussion has been Leroy Fer however, the Netherlands midfielder has reiterated his desire to wait until after his World Cup involvement before thinking about his club future.

Puma Ignite High Tops

Puma Ignite High Tops

Few things probably are, given Robson was happy to spar with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho towards the end of last season.

Puma Ignite High Tops

of years and an ex player, so I'm looking forward to it, and to the four of us (with Adams and football consultant Joe Royle) working together.

"First I want to concentrate on the World Cup, then we will see what happens," said Fer. "I am going to the World Cup as a player for Norwich. They are a very good team but they have had some ups and downs as well. I have to do my best and just play."

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The 45 year old secured a longer term stint as first team coach at Carrow Road thanks to Neil Adams' appointment as permanent manager.

you'd like to think will be at the top end of it.

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"Of course there's a place we want to get Puma Basket Classic Night Camo

Puma Ignite High Tops

to, but I think the most important thing is we get ourselves right and we get ourselves ready for the Championship, and we compete at the highest part of the Championship as we possibly can.

Puma Ignite High Tops

"Neil will guide us in terms of what he wants from us and between us, we will work that out. And between the pair of us and our skill sets some will be the same, some will be slightly different and it will just be a case of working out what will be successful in what we deliver. But it won't be a problem."

Mark Robson on Jose Mourinho and Norwich City's quest for Championship silverware

And while the pair couldn't instigate a miracle path to survival, they are irresistibly bullish about the Canaries' plans for a Championship promotion push next season.

"These are my thoughts we're in the Championship, let's be the best in the Championship; and I think that's the way we have to be," said Robson.

Puma Ignite High Tops

"So for me, let's accept that challenge of where we are and let's make sure we're at the top of it."

"So I think in terms of our players, we will be fine. They will adapt to the challenge accordingly and be ready for what's going to be put in front of them, because it is a different league."

Puma Ignite High Tops

"To be fair, it was funny because I think they were claiming for a penalty and it probably looked worse than it was," joked Robson. "Actually we were having a bit of banter on the side he said to me to be careful what you say to the fourth official because my man just got suspended for a few games, and we started laughing."

Robson will share first team duties with Gary Holt, which given the former's established popularity on the training ground and the later's liking for discipline could end up as a good cop bad cop arrangement.

"I've played against Gary a few times and he's probably kicked me a few times, truth be told," smiled Robson. "I know he's been involved here for a number Puma Ignite Limitless Extreme Hi Tech

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