Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

Bernie Bolen, manager of stakeholder engagement and consultation, appeared in front of Martensville council a couple of weeks ago, explaining SaskPower's views and explaining the company's needs for this transmission line.

Martensville city council is up in arms about SaskPower's continued pressure to bring a double circuit transmission power Puma Fenty Shoes Men

for a future neighbourhood, and he's Puma Basket Heart Size 6

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

´╗┐Martensville unhappy with Sask Power

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

line through an area they have planned Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers for the city's newest neighbourhood.

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

"All of our supply is coming from one location so it's not great for reliability, backup and contingency planning," said Bolen.

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

"We've sent a letter to the minister and SaskPower and we've done all the things we can do, so now we're just going to have to work with the RM and hopefully SaskPower to mitigate this project," said Muench.

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

Bolen outlined SaskPower's needs for the transmission lines, to improve reliability and create more of a secure network. Currently, Saskatoon and communities to the north and east get their power from the Queen Elizabeth power station south of the bridge city.

"By bringing another supply source into the north side of Saskatoon is really key so we're not solely dependent on that Queen Elizabeth station."

The total cost of the project is estimated right now at $65 million and involves building two switching stations, one Martensvills and another in Aberdeen, and 150 kilometres of double circuit power lines.

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

Bolen was in Saskatoon on Feb. 28, at a SaskPower open house at the Travelodge on Circle Drive.

not very optimistic that this issue will be resolved.

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

"I understand that everyone has their own needs. The RM (of Corman Park) has needs and everyone has their own needs. It's just disappointing that our concept plan wasn't really taken into account."

Martensville Mayor Kent Muench said despite voicing his administration's concerns over the path of the power lines, SaskPower is still planning to move ahead. It plans to bring a new 230 Kilovolt power line just to the east of Martensville and having it skirt the city's southern boundary.

"We had an official community plan that had future growth and concept mapping and we went through the process of public input, and then it wasn't really taken into account in this whole process," said Muench.

Muench said at the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to disagree and nothing was resolved.

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

Muench said his council has done everything it can do to stop the power line from impeding its plans Basket Heart Puma Laces

Puma Ignite Interwoven Trainers

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