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It was. The Wild Life, released in 1992, was certified gold but spawned only one minor single, Real Love.

The band was also a pioneer, of sorts, in that it was the first act on the major Chrysalis label not to issue vinyl for a new release.

He recovered and the band, with mainstays Strum and Slaughter, soldiered on amid mounting challenges, which included personnel and label juggles. The band would release three more studio albums, the final being 1999's Back to Reality. There was also a DVD issued in 2004.

Puma Ignite Trainers

Puma Ignite Trainers

Slaughter, arguably, didn't live up to its initial promise from a singles and album sales perspective, but remains a steady fixture on the tour circuit, often teaming up with fellow metal acts, including Skid Row, Ratt and Mtley Cre's Vince Neil.

Many rock musicians make a name for themselves via clever guitar hooks.

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Strum had his own cross to bear; a 1993 motorcycle accident threatened his career, injuring his playing hand.

Puma Ignite Trainers

The prime "problem" for many established, album oriented acts at the time was that record deals for "older music" didn't include provisions for "what would happen when they buy one song for 99 cents."

Strum admits to a case of the butterflies the night he went backstage to suggest to Puma Ignite Trainers Rhoads he was qualified for something louder than Quiet Riot.

To make a longer story short, Ozzy, accompanied by Strum, took in a Rhoads gig, liked what he heard and saw and made a job offer. Rhoads accepted.

Slaughter also recorded a song, Shout it Out, for the science fiction comedy film Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, accompanied by a music video that saw solid airplay.

It often took musicians, themselves, to light a fire under industry brass to get the ball rolling at making stabs to rectify the problem.

Puma Ignite Trainers

Puma Ignite Trainers

"This many years later, how many lives have been touched by the great Randy Rhoads's guitar playing that Puma Basket Sneakers White

This time around, it's Stryper and Lynch Mob with which Slaughter shares the marquee.

It's possible Dana Strum will be remembered best for his legendary hook up.

"We knew the Puma Basket Heart Denim

Puma Ignite Trainers

"He was an incredibly talented person that needed that avenue," said Strum, aware at the time the former Black Sabbath frontman and musical acquaintance "was planning to do something" and sought an able axeman.

second record was going to be a challenge," Strum said.

´╗┐Match Made in Heaven

Puma Ignite Trainers

untimely 1982 death in a plane crash.

"They truly were a day late and millions of dollars short in a game plan to stop the blatant theft, so to speak, of all of this music," Strum said, adding "hundreds of thousands" of Slaughter dollars were "stolen" via illegal music downloading.

It was Strum who introduced guitar wizard Randy Rhoads to The Wizard himself, Ozzy Osbourne the two would make beautiful music together until Rhoads's Puma Creepers Black Brown

maybe never would have been?" Strum says now of the legendary union that saw the guitarist lend his lightening fast licks to a number of Osbourne classic albums, including Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman.

"It was historic and changed music forever. If I never did a thing again after doing that, I would have been happy because I did the right thing."

It was 1979 and the future Slaughter bassist, about 20 at the time and playing in his own band, Badaxe, knew of Rhoads from seeing him perform in small venues, playing with Quiet Riot, still relatively unknown prior to their monster 1983 album, Metal Health, which produced the cover hit, Cum On Feel the Noize.

"It wasn't until several other artists, including Metallica, jumped forward and said, 'This is fking ridiculous.' "

"They came and met with us and said, 'Look, we think vinyl is going to go away. How would you like to only put this out on CD and cassette?' "

"Look, we weren't really that young, but there was still that teenage angst like when you're sitting in your bedroom and you just hope to have that chance," said Strum, 53. "So much of it came together on that (debut) record."

The success of Stick it to Ya, and its subsequent singles Up All Night, Spend My Life, Mad About You, and the power ballad, Fly to the Angels, saw Slaughter on the road for two years straight, touring with the likes of Kiss, Poison and Whitesnake.

Then, Slaughter ran into personnel problems, with guitarist Tom Kelly facing a legal battle over drug charges; he was killed in a car crash in 1998.

"Who was I really to say that? But I said it because I felt it," Strum recalled during an interview this week from his Las Vegas home. "He kind of looked at me, 'Well, thank you.' I said, 'I'm going to find a place for you.' It was as though I knew it. But I really didn't know it. I had nothing up my sleeve. All I had to do now was connect these dots."

Puma Ignite Trainers

As for Strum, he went on, along with Mark Slaughter, to form the heavy metal outfit Slaughter, whose 1990 platinum album, Stick it to Ya, catapulted the band to stardom at the time.

There's frustration in Strum's voice when discussing illegal music downloading, to which Slaughter and many bands of the era fell victim. He contends record labels were ill prepared to deal with the Napsters of the world.

Puma Ignite Trainers

Slaughter complied, but playing ball wouldn't necessarily guarantee homeruns for later album success or securing a safe existence under the security of a major label.

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