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"I don't know if there is anything you can do. The shots have not been made available to us yet so you just cross your fingers and hope people don't get sick."

Komisarek said the threat is not, for the most part, a distraction inside the dressing room. At least not yet.

When Blake Puma Basket Ice

When Blake first moved in to an Etobicoke neighbourhood in 2007, his first season with the Leafs, the veteran forward, his wife and three kids were befriended by a family next door.

The Frustaglio family.

Once a common sound in National Hockey League dressing rooms, where dampness and sweat go hand and hand, every sneeze, every hack, every cough now has taken on an entirely new meaning with the outbreak of the H1N1 virus.

Ac c o rdi n g to Maple Leafs senior vice president of hockey opera t ions Dave No n i s , t h e players had an informal information session regarding the

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

The same Frustaglio family that is mourning the tragic death of a son, 13 year old Evan, who passed away on Monday from swine flu.

"The vaccine will be available to the players at the same time as the general public and not before," Nonis said, adding that "if we have a player who has any symptoms, he immediately will be segregated from the remainder of the team."

illness prior to leaving on this five game trip.

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

Mike Komisarek was carefully explaining how his Maple Leafs were dealing with the swine flu threat yesterday morning when a loud sneeze could be heard from the other side of the dressing room.

After returning from this road odyssey, which ends Saturday night in Montreal, Nonis said the players will be presented with yet another info session.

To their credit, both the league and the Leafs seem to be on top of the threat. At least as much as they can, anyway.

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

was diagnosed with a rare, yet treatable form of leukemia that first year as a Leaf, the Puma Suede Creepers Black

far as the H1N1 vaccine is concerned.

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

No one knows that better than Jason Blake, who was sitting just a few cubicles away at the time of Hagman's ill timed hack.

"I don't know if you can do anything unless you live in a bubble to avoid getting hurt," Leafs coach Ron Wilson said. "We have to fly on planes which is one of the worst things you can do where you share the air with people.

All the while, Nonis stressed that has be no preferential treatment Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review toward the Leafs as Puma Ignite New

"We put our trust in the team doctors to look after us, to get us the latest vaccines, flu shots, whatever it is," Komisarek said.

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

"Obviously during the season germs are flying all over the place. It's the common precautions these guys take. Common sense. I think washing hands, things like that.

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

Frustaglios provided plenty of moral support. The two families dined together. The kids would play road hockey in the driveway.

Regular flu shots also were made available to the players at that time.

´╗┐Maple Leafs on lookout for potential outbreak

A potentially deadly meaning at that.

The disease already has hit three NHLers, including Ladislav Smid of the Edmonton Oilers, Peter Budaj of the Colorado Avalanche and Quintin Laing of the Washington Capitals.

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

Puma Ignite Xt V2 Review

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