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Deep Dive: Body Image

Co-founder Ellie takes a Deep Dive into what body image means to her and how she overcame her struggles.

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June 16, 2017


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Welcome to Paradox Beauty. We are group of women, writers, creators and consumers. Paradox Beauty was co-founded by me, Ellie, as a means to create and curate products that work for me and may work for you.

Paradox Beauty is how we share what we love with you, our friends! Though we are small in numbers, we are passionate about the products we use, the moments we experience and overcoming the challenges we may face.

Please look forward to a more curated product collection, written content and honest in-depth analysis of popular products currently available. Take a look around the new Paradox Beauty; lets us know your thoughts. Browse through our curate favorites, take a look and be a "Paradox Beauty".